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Happy New Year!

Bass-reflex loudspeaker design widget

As 2018 slowly comes to an end, it is time for a quick review of this year's achievements. January was absorbed by the NiMH Smart Charger's Web UI. Then came the rather insane direct-from-grid powered LED UV Exposure box project that put my build skills and patience to the test. In the last months I've enjoyed improving the long neglected STM32 Oscilloscope. It now samples 1 Mhz signals, has native FFT support and features SD card signal storage.

However, chief among all projects - and my favorite - was the Classix II build. It required days of research, provisioning and painstaking fabrication. I consider it a success now after several months of listening. Either I grew to like them or their sound improved over time.

This article features a widget that I used while evaluating alternative box designs for the DC160-8 speaker. It is a Bass-reflex (or vented) tool that helps you calculate the port length given a certain speaker and box. Enjoy it!

Happy 2019!