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Simple solar battery charger - PCB design

Using KiCad - the open source Electronics Design Automation Suite

I've concluded in switcharger that the circuit needs a dedicated PCB. If you're in a hurry, you can evade PCB design altogether and use a prototyping board. Unlike breadboards these require soldering. They're abundant in all shapes and sizes and you'd definitely find one that suits your DIY needs. You would be up and running within minutes and that's the end of the story for you.

However, some of us prefer learning something new out of every experience. You, sir or ma'am, yes you, are willing to walk the extra mile, create the schematics, export the netlist, design the board layers and not just once, but a couple of times because you forgot to add that darn connector.
For you and you alone, KiCad is here.

And better than ever

As any open-source application, it's pushed forward by the community from that domain. Unlike any given project, this one has support from none other than CERN. That stands for something and the results, in my opinion, are obvious.

Simple solar battery charger PCB - a 3D rendering using KiCad

I know I'll be given a back rub because of the fat 2 mm low current traces but bear with me. The PCB manufacturing technique I'll employ is crude at the very least. That will give me some slack in case things go south.